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The Importance of getting a Home Insurance Quote

So you know that you want to get Massachusetts home insurance, which is going to be a very smart move on your part, but first you are going to need to get a Massachusetts homeowner insurance quote. The home insurance quote is very important to get, because only by getting quotes from different companies are […]

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Insure you car at Cataldo Insurance in Revere, MA

10 Things to do (and not to do) After a Car Accident

Here are some things to do (and things to avoid) following an auto accident in Massachusetts: Call the police; Tell the police officer(s) exactly how the accident occurred; Be careful what you say to the other driver; keep things to an absolute minimum; If you have a camera in your car, photograph the accident scene […]

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Workers Compensation Revere, MA

The Importance of Getting a Workers’ Comp Policy

As the economy crawls out of the dumps and more people return to the job site, a strong workers’ compensation environment is as important as ever. Unfortunately, workers’ comp appears to be under quiet attack in many states. In Virginia, a law aimed at stopping Virginia dock workers from “double-dipping” may actually leave longshoremen more […]

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